iVOICE News and Updates

  • 1 June 2019

    Commercial interest in iVOICE

    Great interest in iVOICE is expressed from other safety critical domains, longhaul ground transport and aviation.

  • 1 May 2019

    iVOICE trials in mining

    Two successful iVOICE trials in the mining industry completed in Guyana and Peru.

  • 1 April 2019

    Announcing iVOICE

    Start of the iVOICE Demonstration project funded by the European Space Agency IAP programme.

    Operator fatigue is a serious problem in many occupations, for example aerospace, mining and transportation, leading to many preventable accidents. Many technologies have been proposed to assess the level of fatigue in operators, but these are often intrusive, expensive and unreliable. iVOICE is a technology for tracking changes in fatigue through changes in the voice that occur through the day. It was developed at University College London as part of an ESA-funded study into the health of astronauts. iVOICE promises to assess fatigue through simple audio recordings of the operator without any specialist equipment, at low cost and high reliability. The iVOICE project integrates the voice analysis method into a complete fatigue management service provided to the mining industry by Wombatt Fatigue Management.